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20-Oct-2016 04:00

The Civil Service’s compromise merchants were appalled by the thought of Boris sticking to the principles on which he and Nigel Farage and pro-Leave Labour politicians won the Referendum.

No doubt some of the Cabinet’s former Remainers felt a smidgen of envy that Boris backed the winning side last June. His bedroom palavers, his tendency to try to busk through problems and his eye for the main chance are all major drawbacks.

Until Boris’s contribution at the weekend it was as though the waters had almost closed over last summer’s revolution and our club-class rulers felt they could resume business as normal.Boris diplomatically did not have a go at M Juncker in his article but he hardly needed to.European Commission president Juncker has already achieved ‘cut-through’ on the streets of Britain and he has become a wonderful vote-winner for Brexit.Boris is Foreign Secretary, and therefore most certainly has a right – a duty – to say what he thinks about the Brexit process.

It is very much his business, despite what pro-Remain Home Secretary Amber Rudd said yesterday when she attacked Mr Johnson for ‘back-seat driving’. The Scottish Tories’ Europhile Ruth Davidson – a talented politician who could well be next Tory leader, if only she could swallow the democratic verdict on Brexit – said Boris should be thinking only of public ‘service’ so soon after the Parsons Green Tube bomb.

Our dullard Establishment hates anyone with ‘a vision’.