Suikkaq lynge

21-Dec-2016 08:37

Amaalik was traditionally a name used by both genders.

For females Amaalik means "the One Carrying a Child in Her Amaat (a womans coat with a large hood to carry children)". A variety of forms are used as a personal name, the most common being the abbreviation Anga, but often used in combination with a European name Anga Otto og Anga Tobias, or with suffixes: Angaaraq (little uncle), Angaanngu (North Girl.:little uncle).

Other such names with roughly the same meaning are: Aannguaq, Iinnguaq, Aakasik, Kuluk, Iikkila (Ikila), Itaara, Itajaraq, Maaraq, Maannguaq, Nguaq etc.

The stem is 'aataaliaq' with the ending '-nnguaq' (dear).

Aataaliaq can be translated as 'he whose course is set towards aataat - harps seals'.

Alliaq is the name of the wise and exemplary grandmother of Qooqa in the epic and popular legend about Qooqa, which was a national epos in the 1970s and the 80s. Compare the legend about Kaassassuk (who had to borrow boots) and Kamillannguaq (the Bootless One) in Western Greenland.Aataaliannguaq is a well-known myth about a bachelor.