Top 10 tips high school dating

17-Mar-2017 05:20

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Preparing to write the resume is similar to brainstorming before you begin your college application essays.

Sometimes it helps to talk with someone else about what might stand out among your activities or high school experiences.

Start thinking about your skills, abilities and special talents.

Gather all the information you’ve saved throughout high school and use this to put your thoughts and accomplishments down on paper.

Colleges look for consistency and commitment on high school resumes.

A spattering of activities, volunteer work, and a long list of extracurricular activities will not impress college admissions officers.

If, however, you use the 10 tips outlined here and the sample high school resumes and templates, you should be able to write a resume that will enhance your college application, complement your college essays and be useful in securing an internship, job or scholarship.

If you wait until senior year to start your resume, the odds of remembering your accomplishments, honors and activities over the last four years will be slim.

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Employers always recommend that job applicants keep the resume concise and to the point.

Here’s one simple step-by-step tool: The Resume Workbook for High School Students, written by the advisors at The Damn Good Resume and Job Search.