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Jetdirect is based on HP's MIO (Modular Input/Output) interface, which was designed from the ground up with the IIIsi to create a mainstream full function high performance networked printer.

The initial MIO interface card had Ethernet and Token Ring physical layer variants and used various networking protocols over an AUI/BNC connection.

App Socket is a protocol that was developed by Tektronix that is very similar to HP Jetdirect.

HP Jetdirect was first introduced in March 1991 (code named Quick Silver) with the Laser Jet IIIsi network printer (code named Eli).

Initially, a printer needed a separate card for each protocol, such as TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, Apple Talk, or DLC/LLC.

The following year the team applied the technology to the legacy accessory slot on the Laser Jet IIs and IIIs XIO (Extended Input/Output).

EIO utilizes the 3.3V signaling technology of the Conventional PCI bus and is significantly more energy-efficient than MIO technology.MIO type Jetdirect cards were also used for network connectivity on some HP/Agilent laboratory equipment such as the 6890A and 6890 Plus series of gas chromatographs.These included unusual network connection types such as HPs I-Net which was used as an interconnect between various pieces of hardware that controlled the 58xx and 68xx series gas chromatographs.All except the J3263G have been discontinued, but all still get firmware updates.

LIO (Low-end I/O) interfaces were developed by HP as a corporate response to the strictly internal MIO and EIO development path.If you’re looking for something a little more advanced then a model like the TOMTOM GO Traffic 510 is ideal, at under £150 and with the ability to pick up speed cameras, give lane guidance and update your route if the traffic ahead looks bad.