Who is adam brody dating

27-Nov-2016 06:54

According to a source at US Weekly, Meester had a crush on Brody before they started dating!2 Things moved extremely quickly in their relationship, or at least it appeared that way from the outside.Believe it or not, Adam Brody is already 33 years old, while Meester is a young 26.Thus, they can probably make good decisions on dating at this point.It was the perfect crossover of the two best CW shows and most beloved characters.Ever since the two started dating, they’ve kept their relationship extremely private.As of June 2016, Barbara continues to have custody of Jace.

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The two have an explosive relationship, which is amplified by the fact that Barbara has temporary custody of Jace.

They rarely ever appear in public together or speak about one another in the press, so not much is known about them!

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