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He recalled being dragged to township meetings and auto auctions as achingly dull.“One time, we were being followed by a police car while cruising to see what the other car dealers had for inventory, and I was in the back going ‘Help me, help me.’ We were pulled over by the police, and I thought I’d be in huge trouble for pretending to be kidnapped.I always loved drama and attention.”When I first asked how coming out was for Kressley, he said he had been 7 years old and sat his parents down, told them he was gay, his mother bristling and his dad shaking his head.He was hired to be an assistant in the men’s design department, “setting up appointments, and buying sandwiches and shampoo. Two years later, we had a Primetime Emmy.”With the show about to air, Kressley, then 33, still hadn’t come out to his parents.“My mom and dad were like, ‘You’re quitting your job at Ralph Lauren to do what? They haven’t even come up with a name yet.’ My friends [and his sister] were like, ‘You have to tell your family you’re gay.’”This was given an added urgency as TV Guide was set to feature Queer Eye on its cover.“I had all the feelings you have: ‘Oh my God, will they not love me? It wasn’t a big deal.”***Kressley said he was pleased that fame had happened to him “at 33, rather than 23.

Kressley’s new, breezy advice book, Does This Book Make My Butt Look Big?Periodic “confessions” on the pages include the times he did too much Botox, or used fluorescent eye cream.His skin does look very smooth from the Botox and filler injections he says he has twice a year—to look “fresh for summer and Christmas”—and, as you might expect from a style advice giver, he is wearing a gorgeous, slim-fitted midnight blue suit by Moods of Norway, sky-blue Vince Camuto shirt, and sockless, is sporting golden-colored Jimmy Choo loafers.These are a size 9 and he a size 10, “but I had to have them, and so I put my feet in them, they were too small, but they stretched, and now they fit perfectly.”Observing the New York panorama around us, he noted that living in Midtown East was “super-boring and lame,” but that the area was newly in possession of an outpost of the Gansevoort Hotel.

“If my neighborhood is cool, New York City is definitely upgrading,” he said., sat on the table between us, a style guide for “the normal American woman,” with his camp, chatty advice distilled down into handy lists and punchy slices of text such as “What Matches My Margarita? ” (clothes), how to clear out your closet, and other “quick fixes to make women feel fabulous.”The 47-year-old Kressley wrote the book after being approached in airports by women asking his counsel about what they should do about their own style crises.