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‘Basically, it was business,’ Que explains straight away.

‘If you guys watched the show, you would know our manager’s name is Screwface. When we got signed to Atlantic Records, the same stuff was going on that I had been complaining about when we were on TV, with all the Making the Band stuff.

The nation was hooked as they shared their first kiss and became one of the most loveable couples in R&B history.

I really like Dawn and I don’t want the media to get into that and strain it.’ With the dramas of 2009 firmly behind him, we focus on the Que of 2011.

Fully in control of his career and finally getting the artistic licence he so desperately craved while in the group, Que’s solo career is beginning to take shape and he is in better form than ever. [Laughs].’ These statements only further emphasise how much of a free-spirited artist Que really is, and this makes you begin to understand why he was so frustrated at being trapped in a boyband bubble, with camera lenses capturing every move.

I was telling Screwface I didn’t want to go through all that again and I want the business to be in order.

‘Because of that, the group members wrote me a letter back in December (2009) saying, ‘We don’t want to work with you anymore.’ [Laughs] It was very random, and they had the lawyers sign it. The group members kicked me out.’ Goodbye His shock dismissal from Day26 and the discordant behaviour portrayed in the final series of Making the Band caused concern to grow for Que’s mental health not to mention his future.

Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs had a grand vision: to create the biggest-selling boyband the world had ever seen. With Diddy’s wisdom and creativity fuelling the young Que’s talent, he was propelled straight into the life of an R&B star.

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