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26-Jun-2016 13:32

She does name-check 's Sheryl Underwood, VH1's Lisa Raye Mc Coy, a few of Bravo's Real Housewives, and athletes from the NBA, NFL, and WNBA.

Diaz attracted these sorts of clients — along with others she refers to as "exclusive" or "highbrow" — after successfully setting up a cast member on VH1's destiny.

"I like to read, and watch movies, and talk to people." "Got it," Diaz replies kindly, like one might to a small child who's just hurled a beach ball 3 feet and is exhausted by the effort.

Somehow, though, over the next 10 minutes and with impressive determination, Diaz manages to wrangle a few "defining qualities" out of me: We agree that I enjoy "eating and drinking with my friends"; I am "not athletic" but was "sort of a theater kid in high school"; my worst quality is speaking before I think; I would only date a liberal feminist who referred to himself as such; and my personal goals include "getting my shit together before I turn 30." At this last one, Diaz laughs loudly. "You seem like you don't give a fuck." I open my mouth to tell her that I do, in fact, give many fucks — too many, probably — but then consider that our brief but trenchant interaction has indicated the exact opposite.

Cameron has also been focusing on health and beauty issues and published two books on the subjects.

I am a big big fan of busty ex-stripper Amber Rose, and she is big fan of her huge boobs, and she loves to go TOPLESS!

Diaz met the man who is now her husband right out of high school, in a chat room full of fellow power Christians. And he's still the love of my life." Eventually, both Diaz and her husband abandoned their stringent power Christianity ("We were so stupid," Diaz says, laughing), settled down in Los Angeles, and had a son.

By way of contrast, I am wearing jeans and a gray T-shirt, and my hair is insane because I woke up late and didn't have time to wash it. And maybe wear a little color." Diaz, 34, has been very kindly telling people what's wrong with them since high school.

I ask her if she has any tips for me as I "embark" into the world of celebrity dating, and she eyes me, still grinning. "I've always been someone who's very advice-driven," she says.

In practice, our conversation temporarily detaches me from my body. I'm passionate about," I say, pulling up my browser history in hopes it will explain me to myself.

("Five Things To Know About Harry Styles's Rumored Girlfriend," "Brad Pitt tequila," "Rihanna Chinese food.") "Yes," I add confidently, closing all of the tabs and snapping my laptop in half."My parents would say 'opinionated.'" After abruptly moving to Los Angeles from Pennsylvania at the age of 9 for her mother's job, Diaz says she was "very traumatized and depressed," a grade-schooler with no friends who spent years crying alone in her room.

There have been some rumors about an “Austin & Ally” movie — any truth to that? We have lots of ideas for one, and we’d love nothing more than to work with the cast again, either as their “Austin & Ally” characters, or otherwise. By the time we finished shooting on the last day, nobody wanted to leave. Is it possible to choose one favorite memory from the show’s four-season run? We were just talking the other day about when we shot the pilot in front of a live audience.… continue reading »

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Everyone got choked up when they learned of the news. She and her boyfriend of three years, financier Joel Schiffman, recently moved in together in NYC.… continue reading »

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## ----------------------------- ## Instructions ## ------------------------------ ## 1. ## -------------------------------- ## Notes ## ---------------------------------- ## This is the only pre-final client release.… continue reading »

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