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04-Dec-2016 11:02

I am guilty of using too many ellipses…and I bet that makes me appear sort of spacey and juggling fifteen things…which I often am.

ANOTHER EXAMPLE: PEOPLE WHO USE ALL CAPS IN THEIR MESSAGES OR PROFILES. UNLESS YOU WANT TO DATE SOMEONE WHO TALKS AT YOU LIKE A NEWS PUNDIT AT ALL TIMES. After 15-plus years into this electrodating bizarro world I apparently still needed to learn the lesson that if someone seems crazy online, they are crazy. And Yet On that note, if the digital world is real life, then you will still make mistakes, because we always make mistakes. You Are Not Dead Inside I certainly don’t pine like I used to when I was 13 and writing lovelorn letters. There's a gorgeous garden inside of you, so tend to it with care and make sure you don’t let too many people trample all over the grass.

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If They Sound Crazy, Then They Probably Are Crazy Forgive me for the below byzantine example, but I just need to explain how I was recently gaslighted. Finally, in December he got in touch, texting me a photo of a Christmas tree. I was in the hospital and thus couldn’t contact you by phone! Mostly because now, as a single person, I don’t need to. Now there there are too many channels and too many people and too much potential. And if they do, then put up a fence for a couple months so the grass can grow back.

In the early ’90s, just one per cent of new relationships began online.… continue reading »

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A lot of people suffer from pains in back that arise out of triggers or situations or even without any triggers.… continue reading »

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Use of the Oracle INSTEAD-OF trigger feature can allows you to work around these restrictions of super-complicated viewa SQL*Forms developers may also find Oracle INSTEAD-OF triggers useful because forms are commonly based on views and the Oracle INSTEAD-OF trigger is a "real" trigger, which is stored on the server in the data dictionary.… continue reading »

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But when it comes to music, pop culture references, or the fact that my husband could go an entire day without saying more than five words, and I probably could not muster such a feat if paid in great sums of cash is when our differences(age notwithstanding) make our differences more pronounced and make us appear like we are on opposite ends of the relationship spectrum.… continue reading »

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